‘Fun’ classes filling up fast

Laurie Wiedenhoff

Students looking through copies of the Iowa State Course Bulletin for fun classes to take this spring have many options.

“Some classes students tell me are fun are [physical education], music and design classes,” said Lynn Sandeman, academic adviser in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Sandeman said she hears many students speak positively about Design Studies 129, Introduction to Creativity, but the class is only offered in the fall.

“Design Studies [129] is definitely a fun class,” said Jenny Hacke, sophomore in journalism and mass communication. “Professor Bill Boon keeps lectures interesting. You won’t take yourself seriously while doing any of the projects in recitation.”

Hacke also has taken Theatre 106, another class mentioned frequently by students as a fun class.

“What other class on campus has you watching musicals and listening to music for a grade?” Hacke asked.

Ryan Schweers, junior in music, said one reason he likes Theatre 106 is because the audience is encouraged to participate.

“[Professor] Pat Gouran is a funny guy, and Jane [Cox] has a lot of interesting performing arts clips to show,” he said.

Human Sexuality, Human Development and Family Studies 276, also was lauded as a fun course. However, students may have problems obtaining a spot on the class list.

“A fun class [is] the sex class,” said George Cunningham, an undecided sophomore. “I wanted to take that, but I couldn’t get into it.”

Darlene Fratzke, academic adviser in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, said many students like HDFS 276, as well as some other classes offered by the college.

Fratzke said classes such as Food Science and Human Nutrition 105 and 167 are classes that students tend to enjoy.

She said some of the upper level textiles and clothing classes are fun, too, but most have prerequisites.

Fratzke also recommended Psychology 131, which teaches beginning college students effective study skills.

While some students said interesting subject matter makes classes fun, other students said the classes they like the most are the ones they have to attend the least.

“The teacher for Math 265H was absolutely awesome, and I didn’t have to go to class to get an A,” said Josh Krakos, sophomore in mechanical engineering.

Sandeman advised students to keep trying to get into the classes they want because openings can and do appear after the initial registration period.

“I think some of these classes could be hard to get into, but students have to keep trying. Students do make schedule changes through December and the beginning of January,” Sandeman said.