Engineering professor fills vice provost position

Abbie Moeller

The new position of vice provost for undergraduate programs has been filled and will be active during the 1998-99 school year.

Howard Shapiro will assume the position on August 1.

Shapiro, who has been working at Iowa State for 23 years, has worked as a professor of mechanical engineering and as assistant dean for undergraduate programs in the College of Engineering.

Shapiro said he sees this new position as an opportunity to get involved in campus-wide undergraduate programs instead of specifically engineering programs.

Shapiro was chosen through an application process that included a full day of interviewing with the campus groups he will be serving before going to the administrative interview. Shapiro said he believes this gave many people a chance to be involved in the decision.

“I’m honored to have been chosen,” Shapiro said. “I will focus on enhancing teaching and learning programs on campus.”

He has previously done work with undergraduate programs and said he feels this will be an opportunity to expand his horizons.

Shapiro and the two other vice provosts will work together to cover the three major functions of the university; teaching, research and extension, said Edwin Lewis, the current associate provost.

Lewis’ discontinued position covered not only the undergraduate programs, but also staff and faculty issues. Lewis said the responsibilities of associate provost that are not related to undergraduate programs will likely stay in the provost’s office.

Lewis is retiring in December, enabling him to work with and teach Shapiro until that time. Lewis said their collaboration will prove useful, as they have worked together in many instances during their time at ISU.

Some of Shapiro’s new responsibilities will include the University Honors Program, Council on International Programs, Center for Teaching Excellence and Women in Science and Engineering. Because he has dealt with such organizations in the College of Engineering, these duties will not be entirely new to him, Shapiro said.