Pledge to non-alcoholic drinks for Veishea

George Belitsos

I’d like to add my voice to the many who are proud of the stand ISU President Martin Jischke has taken in requiring a dry Veishea.

I believe that city officials and businesses can have a powerful role in the conversations, pledges and strategies that unfold in the coming months.

Objections that a dry Veishea will “send drinkers to Main Street and will never work” will be counterproductive.

Businesses that sell alcohol have the power to make their own pledges. Here are some suggestions:

*Bars pledge not to offer and advertise special promotions during Veishea.

*Grocery, convenience and discount stores pledge to sell beer responsibly and avoid specials.

*Bars and restaurants consider creating “Veishea Special” events which are alcohol-free.

Think about it! Jam-packed coffee shops, bars featuring live music with only soft drinks served, restaurants promoting alcohol-free beer and mock-margaritas.

Huge ads in the Daily for 12-packs of Surge instead of Bud.

*Bars could voluntarily pledge to stop serving alcohol during the critical three hours, 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Veishea weekend.

Non-alcoholic mixed drinks can be a very refreshing, attractive and fun alternative.

If we, as a community, can’t support this effort with pledges of our own, we lose all “whining rights.”

If we are to remain a credible, positive voice, we’ll contribute our own pledges.

The City of Ames has the potential to become a national leader in an area that is challenging communities all over the country.

George Belitsos


Youth and Shelter Services