The best way to get cuffed and stuffed on campus this weekend

Tracy Deutmeyer

Students should not be alarmed if they catch a glimpse of orange suits and handcuffs on the lawn of central campus on Saturday.

It’s just members of the Iowa State Criminal Justice Club at work.

Members of the club will set up a Jail-n-Bail on the lawn between Beardshear and Curtiss Halls to raise money for Youth and Shelter Services of Ames on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If people want to throw someone in the jail, which will be made out of wire netting and covered by a tent, they can donate $2 or provide a product included on the club’s list, such as toothpaste or shampoo, said Amy Bandow, club treasurer.

People thrown in jail can bail themselves out or have someone else bail them out by also giving $2 or a product donation.

Bandow said people in jail will suit up in orange suits and get a mug shot for a souvenir. The club will also provide handcuffs for those in jail.

“It should be funny,” Bandow said.

Kent Andersen, club historian, said throughout the year, representatives from groups like the Youth and Shelter Services and the Center for Creative Justice talk to club members about internships.

“This is a chance to give something back to them,” Andersen said. “I’m really looking forward to this weekend — it’s our first philanthropy project.”

Besides its involvement in Veishea, the Criminal Justice Club holds meetings every two weeks. Bandow said the club hosts speakers from all aspects of criminal justice at its meetings.

Andersen said they often visit the gun range at the Armory to practice shootings and learn about gun safety from members of the ISU Gun Club.

“For some people, it’s the first time they have shot a gun. It’s a good way to get oriented because if they’re in the criminal justice field they’re going to be armed,” Andersen said.

He said they also take field trips to county jails and on March 21, the group traveled to Des Moines to visit the Women’s Residential Correctional Facility.

Bandow said there are about 25 members in the club.