KURE officials say station should be Veishea’s top pick

Tracy Deutmeyer

Officials for KURE, Iowa State’s student-run radio station, say Veishea execs should have looked inward for DJ services for their Welch Avenue street dance April 18-19.

Des Moines’ Star 102.5 was chosen to DJ the Taste of Veishea dance.

“It is a student celebration and it provides an opportunity for students to get involved and what better way but to involve the entirely student-run radio station?” asked Lenny Rettinger, general manger of KURE.

He said KURE reflects the views of students and is more appropriate than an outside radio station.

But David Schooff, Veishea entertainment co-chairman, said all radio stations are eligible to participate in Veishea activities. Schooff said there is no “official” radio station of Veishea this year.

“This is the first year Veishea didn’t sign an exclusive contract with a radio station,” Schooff said. “KURE has every opportunity to participate.” Veishea signed an official contract with KCCQ last year as the “official” Veishea radio station.

Veishea officials say KURE can set up a live remote on Welch Avenue, but Star 102.5 will DJ the street dance from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. April 18 and 19.

“We are only restricted from the street dance, but it is the most publicized event of the weekend,” Rettinger said.

Schooff said Star 102.5 was chosen to DJ the street dance because its music “crosses all generations.”

“We’re not playing favoritism, but we wanted music for all ages,” Schooff said.

Schooff said Star 102.5 will play will play ’80s music on April 18 and ’70s music on April 19. He said Star 102.5 does not play rap and heavy metal, like KURE, which may produce some out-of-control behavior that could cause problems.

Dave Gugliotta, KURE program director, doesn’t buy it. “If anyone asked the students, I believe they would pick us,” Gugliotta said. “Why is money being spent on a service that is offered on campus — for free.”

KURE officials say with Star 102.5’s large speakers, they would be “drowned out” even if they set up a remote on Welch Avenue.

Pete Paquette, spokesman for Star 102.5, said the station doesn’t have a problem with “KURE being there.”

“We would be happy to work with them and find a position for them,” Paquette said.

Rettinger said KURE plans to broadcast from the parade, set up live remotes throughout the weekend and conduct a promotional activity along Welch Avenue with The Campus Reader and another local business.