The Second Wave denied permit for rally

Tracy Deutmeyer

A new Iowa State student group was denied a permit Wednesday to hold a second rally int Beardshear Hall.

The Second Wave, a group that has the support of four student organizations on campus, will meet with Dean of Students Kathleen McKay at 4 p.m. today to discuss why the group was not given permission by the Student Activities Center to hold a rally in Beardshear on Feb. 15, said Louise Libby, president of the Graduate Student Association and one the groups supporting The Second Wave.

Libby said Carol Cordell, programs coordinator at the Student Activities Center, said she could not sign the activities authorization form The Second Wave presented her on Wednesday because Beardshear Hall is not on the list of authorized places on campus to hold a rally.

“If we have designated restrictions on freedom of speech, then its not really deemed freedom of speech,” Libby said.

Lisa Hermsen, a graduate student in English, said the only Class D location, which is a place where students can have a demonstration with amplification, is in the Arboretum.

But, “the Arboretum is not even on the [campus] map,” she said.

Libby said Cordell said an alternative location may be outside Beardshear, but other concerns, such as sidewalk and bus traffic problems, would then have to be addressed.

Libby said if MacKay does not give permission for the rally, the group will then speak to ISU President Martin Jischke.

“If we can’t rally to get his attention, then we will go in to speak to him,” Libby said.

“That’s why we want to have it in Bearshear Hall, to get in [Jischke’s] ear,” she said.

Hermsen said if the group does not get permission from the dean, the members will postpone the rally until they can talk to President Jischke.

Libby said since The Second Wave is not an official student organization, it had to get the support of other student organizations in order to be eligible for a permit. The Second Wave has support from the Asian Pacific-American Awareness Coalition, the Black Student Alliance, the Graduate English Association and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance.