Do you think assisted suicide should be legal in Iowa?

Kelly Irlmeier


Interior design

“No. When people are sick it happens for a reason, that’s like playing God. It’s not up to them to decide when to live or die. They didn’t decide when they were born so it’s not right to decide when to die. God has a plan for everyone and assisted suicide would be interfering with that plan.”

Wan Idzliza Inez Wan Sulaiman



“No. Suicide is bad. You only have one chance at life. In my religion of Islam, suicide is out — it’s the worst sin — no matter what the situation is. If they are sick they can find medicine or get counseling. If they are religious they should go back to their holy book to see what to do.”

Willa Wentzel


Ames High School

“Based on the fact that the person is legally sane and emotionally stable, I think it should be a person’s own choice. If someone wants to die that bad, they’re going to die. Going through the process of assisted suicide may help them decide if they really want to live or die and bring them closer to a more secure decision.”

TyWaunne L. Hill


Industrial technology and manufacturing

“If you do it state by state, all you have to do is go to another state to get it done. But I do think people should have the right to decide. Ultimately it’s their life and it’s up to God to decide whether suicide is right or wrong. In a way it’s like deciding whether or not assisted suicide is right or wrong in God’s eyes.”

Brock Schneiderman


Liberal Arts and Sciences

“Yes. If they really want to commit suicide, they are going to do it — whether or not a doctor helps them. It would be more traumatic for the family if the person committed suicide on their own rather than being assisted by a doctor.”

Brent Yezek


Landscape architecture

“Yes. But there would have to be a certain amount of funding and the state should not supply that. But people should be able to do what they want to do — it’s a personal choice.