ISU Research Park director resigns in wake of settlement

Tracy Deutmeyer

After 10 years of service and allegations of sexual harassment, Leonard Goldman resigned over the semester break as director of the Iowa State University Research Park.

John Anderson, interim director of university relations, said the resignation was mutually agreed upon by the university, Goldman and the Research Park.

“Both parties agreed that it was time for Mr. Goldman to move on,” Anderson said.

Goldman, who was reached at his home, said all comments about his resignation have been made through the university. He refused further comment.

In a press release, Goldman said, “I came to Iowa State to accomplish a series of goals and I have met or exceeded these goals in a time frame that was less than what was expected. I’m proud of my record with the Research Park and I hope that its progress can be accelerated.”

In order to settle the terms of his contract, which runs to Oct. 31, 1998, Goldman will receive about $200,000 from the university.

Anderson said at the time of Goldman’s resignation, which took effect Jan. 1, the university agreed to pay out Goldman’s vacation time included in his contract.

Anderson said the amount of vacation time paid to Goldman will decrease about 5 percent every month that Goldman remains unemployed. This is the policy for all university employees.

“It’s an incentive to look for employment,” Goldman said.

Goldman came to the Research Park in 1986.

In 1994, a former employee filed a sexual harassment suit against Goldman. Jolene Hynes, 2300 Mortensen #2, worked for Goldman as an assistant and operations manager.

She filed suit against Goldman, Iowa State University, the ISU Research Park, the state of Iowa and eight other individuals including ISU President Martin Jischke and former Vice President for External Affairs Reid Crawford.

In the lawsuit, Hynes lawyer said Goldman permitted a pattern of sexual harassment against Hynes.

It also said the defendants created a work atmosphere hostile to female employees.

Hynes also claimed in her suit against Goldman that he publicly ridiculed her, accused her of incompetence and excluded her from employee meetings.

The suit was later settled in Polk County District Court.

Russ Cross, who recently took office as the chairman of the Research Park’s board of directors, said Monday that he did not know Goldman well enough to talk about his work at the Research Park.

Dave Roederer, an economic development coordinator for the university, is serving as interim director until a search committee finds a new director to replace Goldman.