New Movement on campus

Tracy Deutmeyer

Students walking down Welch Avenue later this month will no longer be able to grab a mug of cappuccino at QuikTrip to comfort them from the cold.

Instead, students will warm up at the Kum & Go store, which will take the place of the convenience store in Campustown. Kum & Go stores will also replace two of the other current QuikTrip locations in Ames.

Neil Broderick, vice-president of real estate at Krause Gentle, the Des Moines company which owns the Kum & Go chain, said the change will take place in late December or early January.

The corporation recently purchased the Ames QuikTrip stores.

Kum & Go will also take over the QuikTrip on west Lincoln Way and north Duff Avenue, said Buddy Jones, manager of the Kum & Go store on Lincoln Way.

Broderick said officials will be making cosmetic changes when Kum & Go takes over, but other details are still pending.

“We will be hanging a new sign and painting the exterior,” Broderick said.

The switch has been anticipated for some time, but Kum & Go officials just recently publicized the news.