Former DJ rattling KURE staff

Tracy Deutmeyer

Electronic mail messages from a former student employee continue to bash the leadership and operation procedures of KURE, Iowa State’s student-run radio station.

Lenny Rettinger, general manager of KURE, said Steve Juon, a senior in journalism and mass communication and a former KURE employee, has sent several threatening e-mail messages to KURE workers since last spring.

Juon was a disc jockey and a programming assistant at the station until he was released because he missed two shifts in a row, Rettinger said. “That is simply standard procedure. It would happen to anyone.”

He said on Juon’s job application for KURE, Juon wrote that he has a tendency to send offensive and inflammatory e-mail messages to others.

Rettinger said after tension began to build between Juon and other staff members, the station’s music director said something had to be done. “When Juon continued to break the ground rules, he was let go,” Rettinger said.

KURE staff members said the e-mail is getting out of hand.

In an e-mail sent by Juon to Jay Wacker, communications director, Juon said, “If I ever hear you trashing me to the DJs again, I’m going to punch you in the fucking nose and don’t think that I won’t. This station is not big enough and I will not tolerate it.”

Juon explained his e-mail message. “Jay was being vindictive about some things. He would put me down to the other DJs.

In addition to the e-mail Juon, has set up a homepage called, “The KURE for what ails you? It’s really a KUSR placebo pill.”

“When KURE was established [in August], the call letters were chosen somewhat because we saw KURE as a cure for the lack of choice in Ames radio stations,” Juon said.

Steve Neal, KURE programming director and a senior in electrical engineering, said Juon claims that less urban contemporary music is now played at KURE. But Neal said KURE plays more urban contemporary music than ever before at the defunct KUSR. The format is slated for six hours on Mondays and on Tuesdays it plays eight hours.

KURE officials will hold a meeting open to the public Saturday at noon in the Terrace Room of Friley Hall. Neal said the meeting is for anyone who has questions or comments about the station.