Jischke, anti-Catt group at odds over moderator

Tracy Deutmeyer and Tim Frerking

Plans for a meeting between Iowa State President Martin Jischke and members of the September 29th Movement are on hold after Jischke balked at the idea of a moderator for the scheduled Sept. 11 meeting.

The September 29th Movement is a group specially organized to push administrators to rename Carrie Chapman Catt Hall.

“President Jischke does not think it is necessary or appropriate to have a moderator at the meeting,” said John Anderson, interim director of university relations.

Milton McGriff, a member of the September 29th Movement’s central committee has a different view. “We thought Frances Kendall would be a good choice as moderator,” he said.

Frances Kendall, a facilitator and consultant on diversity who resides in California, was invited to ISU last April to moderate a discussion meeting on the Catt Hall issue.

But Kendall said during a phone interview from California Thursday that she would not be able to attend Wednesday’s meeting anyway. “I have to be in Tennessee on Sept. 11.”

She said she would be willing to moderate a meeting if the two groups scheduled a different time.

“My beliefs on having a moderator is that everybody gets to be heard,” she said. “I haven’t talked with President Jischke so I don’t feel I can say one way or the other on whether they will need me,” Kendall said.

Meron Wondwosen, a member of the September 29th Movement, said the group does not plan on attending the scheduled meeting at this time.

She said it would be beneficial to have a moderator at the meeting since Jischke and the Movement have opposing views.

“Without a moderator, us and President Jischke will be talking at each other. But without a moderator, we will be talking with each other,” Wondwosen said.

“Without a moderator, we will accomplish nothing,” she added.

Anderson said, “This is an invitation from President Jischke to the members of the September 29th Movement after Allan Nosworthy wrote a letter to the president during the summer requesting a meeting.”

Anderson said Jischke will keep the time and date open for the meeting.

“This is not a negotiation session. This is only a discussion to see all sides of the story,” Anderson said.

Kendall said she had received positive feedback from the September 29th Movement for moderating the April discussion meeting. “My investment doesn’t have to do with either side of the issue. My investment is that people people talk to one another.”

Nosworthy, another movement member said the group will wage an intensive educational campaign this fall.

The discussion meeting is still scheduled for Sept. 11 at 8 a.m.