ISU’s College for Seniors sees numbers boom

Tracy Deutmeyer

The seniors are back. But this time, they’re not the ones cramming to graduate.

More than 200 students enrolled in courses in Iowa State’s College for Seniors this fall.

And they’re doing it just for fun.

Since 1993 persons age 55 years and older have been able to register for eight different classes ranging from classical jazz to geriatric medicine in the College for Seniors, said Betty Elliott, chairman of the college’s executive committee.

Elliott said the students cannot receive degrees or credits with the classes, but the program is a great opportunity for students to learn and meet people.

“The classes do not have tests or assignments, so it is a worry-free way of education,” she said.

Don Zytowski, a member of the college’s board of directors, said the students do not receive report cards but take classes for self-gratification and self-education.

The program was organized in 1993 by former ISU Dean of Extension Marvin Anderson and Julia Anderson, former associate dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Elliott said.

The classes are taught by volunteers as well as some ISU faculty members.

Beginning Sept. 16, the classes run for eight weeks and each class is held once a week for an hour and a half. Classes are offered in both the spring and fall, Elliott said.

The cost of the classes is $40 for the first class and $20 for each additional class.

A convocation will take place on Sept. 9 at the Scheman Building. A social will begin at 2:30 p.m., and an introduction by each instructor will take place at 3 p.m., said Zytowski.

“Students can register up until Sept. 16, assuming there’s enough space in the classes,” he said.

This fall’s most popular class is “Impact on the Media” and will be taught by Michael Gartner, Ames Daily Tribune editor, Zytowski said.

“Sometimes we don’t anticipate correctly which class will be the most popular, and we really don’t like to turn people down,” Zytowski said.

Elliott said age is the only requirement for the courses. Persons age 55 years and older can pick up a registration form at the College for Seniors office at 88 Scheman.