United Way wants more donators from ISU

Tracy Deutmeyer

The ISU United Way is pushing for more contributors to this year’s fund drive in an effort to improve its ranking among other college and university campaigns.

ISU United Way is an annual fund raiser that supports human service agencies in Story County. It contributes to the Boys and Girls Club, Hospice, Youth and Shelter Services and the Senior Center in Nevada.

Barbara Mack, 1995 ISU United Way coordinator, said Iowa State ranks among the top 20 percent in the nation among universities for the average amount given by participant, but ranks in the bottom 20 percent in terms of the number of people who participate.

“We have a small number of people who are very generous supporters of United Way but we need to increase the number of people participating in United Way,” Mack said. ISU United Way is working with coordinators in each department, asking them “to help us in getting all employees to donate $1 a month through payroll deduction,” Mack said.

This year’s goal is $168,000. The goal for Story County is $685,000.

“I know this is a generous university; we just need to give people the opportunity to give,” Mack said.

Roughly 60 percent of ISU employees do not give to United Way.

“That is absolutely shameful. In the floods of 1993 I saw the way people behaved who cared about the place they live. We need to get those people to understand how important $1 a month could be to United Way,” Mack said. “If everybody that is not giving started giving a $1 a month, ISU could raise $45,000 more.”

Mack added that she understands there are other worthwhile charities, but the United Way provides a different kind of service.

“I know it’s easier to raise money to build a new day care center than it is to ask for money for diapers. United Way provides these agencies with materials, not funds for new buildings,” she said.

Mack said if an employee does not live in Story County, he or she can direct a donation to their home county.