Residence Halls are nearing completion of strategic plan

Tracy Deutmeyer

Iowa State Department of Residence directors hope to see the final recommendation of their five-year strategic plan by late next week.

The Department of Residence follows the goals of the ISU and Student Affairs strategic plans.

This week, the Department of Residence is still receiving feedback from its complex offices, the Inter-Residence Hall Association and house governments, said Gary Schwartz, the department’s assistant director.

“The plan is in a draft form and is fairly broad. It’s a plan to enhance the lives of residence hall students and guide where the department heads for the next five years,” Schwartz said.

The department hopes to expand food and housing services to meet the diverse needs of all students. A variety of special-interest houses, such as smoke and alcohol free houses and cross-cultural houses are already offered.

The department also hopes to improve technological services by adding more English writing centers, providing more outreach programs, guest housing for summer conferences and backing for multi-cultural support groups.

Design and Engineering College faculty members are currently auditing the department’s facilities to improve structural and mechanical systems.

“The plan is for keeping up with the times so we can keep students in the residence halls,” said IRHA President Rob Wiese. “We just want to see more programs and support for the students.”

The five-year plan, first drafted last spring, is now in its second draft.