Cash for students is on-line

Iowa State Daily

Information on a number of scholarships and grants is now available at Iowa State’s World Wide Web site.

Earl Dowling, Iowa State University’s director of financial aid, thought of the idea to inform students of potential cash sources.

“There are literally millions of dollars in grants and scholarships located off campus,” Dowling said. “A student should take a piece of paper and identify oneself. List all the things that identify that student: major, religion, gender, ethnicity, family membership in clubs, among other things.”

Dowling suggested going to a library or directly to the organization one is affiliated with to find out more information on scholarship offers. For instance, some church groups offer low-interest student loan programs. Dowling also advised seeking more information through the scholarship unit of the Office of Financial Aid, located at Beardshear Hall Room 7.

One scholarship Iowa State officials are excited about is the newly developed Hixson Opportunity Program, which is geared toward incoming ISU freshmen.

“This is the first program like this in the nation,” said John Anderson, Iowa State’s interim director of university relations. “This program is targeted for students with special needs.” Special needs students are students who come from difficult financial and/or family situations