Gilbert break-ins: related?


The Story County Sheriff’s Department believes that three burglaries in

the village of Gilbert are connected, said Lt. Rick Rewerts.

The Open Flame, the Heart of Iowa Co-op and the Conley Garage each

reported having been burglarized late Sunday night or early Monday morning,

Rewerts said.

Rewerts said there had been no similar problems in Gilbert before these


“In a small town, where nothing has happened before this, and then you

have three burglaries all in one night, we assume it’s related,” he


Cigarettes, alcohol and CDs were taken from the Open Flame and some

candy bars from the Co-op. A final inventory of stolen merchandise is not

yet available, he said.

“Because of what was taken, we think it was young people,” Rewerts


The sheriff’s department is still investigating the crimes. “We hope we

can turn something up in a few days,” Rewerts said.

The village of Gilbert is located a few miles north of Ames near

Highway 69.

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