Iowa State soccer prepares with ‘winning mindset’ for Senior Night

Senior forward Courtney Powell looks on against Texas Tech on Oct. 23. 

James Powell

Iowa State soccer sits at 2-5 and is firmly planted in the bottom half of the Big 12 standings for another season.

And while the Cyclones have obviously lost more games than they have won, there is at least some reason to believe this team is rounding a corner. A part of that change in attitude can be contributed to new Head Coach Matt Fannon.

“Every single week, we go in with the mindset of being the best we can… it’s definitely development,” senior forward Kassi Ginther said.

That belief will have plenty of room to stand on when Iowa State faces Kansas State on Friday. The Wildcats sit 1-6 this season, adding low results for a soccer program that has won a total of three conference games since its inclusion into Big 12 soccer four years ago.

However, one of those wins was against the Cyclones back in 2019.

With this being the final home game of the Big 12 season, it could mean the final home game for the seniors on this team. The Cyclones feature five seniors, but those five have had a dramatic impact on the transition from Tony Minatta to Fannon.

“The senior class is the scariest part [of taking over],… we’ve been delighted with how much they’ve all bought in,” Fannon said.

It’s nearly impossible to bring in a new coach to any team and not have at least some veterans that are on their way out, whether in professional sports or seniors in college. 

Looking into the future, however, is just as important as recognizing the past.

Part of that bright future is in net in sophomore goalkeeper Jordan Silkowitz. She has led this team with consistent goalkeeping and setting new career highs multiple times throughout the year.

The Cyclone offense, however, has struggled at times this season. It always seems to have more chances than the opponent, but the number of goals scored this season (four) and the record reflect differently.

Of the four goals scored, two of them were scored by seniors. As it stands now, the team is losing half its production. Friday will be focused on keeping Kansas State in the cellar of the Big 12.