Cyclones seek their first win of the season against Baylor


Sophomore goalkeeper Jordan Silkowitz and sophomore midfielder Claudia Najera walk toward the locker room at halftime down 1-0.

Nick Flores

Following a 2-1 loss to Big 12 giants Oklahoma State, nothing changes for the Cyclones as they look ahead to face Baylor in their next match Friday.

The Cyclones played one of their best games in recent memory against the Cowgirls last week and Head Coach Matt Fannon said they will look to continue their form.

“We have a system of play that we really want to impose on the other team that we want to remain consistent,” Fannon said.  

The Cyclones have been playing a pressing style of soccer this season and so far it has been working in their favor. Winning the ball back in midfield and finding pockets of space has been part of their play style this season and they’re looking to create a new identity with this style of play. 

“We desperately want to play a style of soccer that’s intense,” Fannon said. “But, there’s phases of the game where that helps and where it doesn’t. We’re working really hard with our women being able to see themselves in those moments and read those triggers and understand the game.” 

Sophomore midfielder Eva Steckelberg believes in the new style of play put in place by Fannon and looks forward to sticking to what they know against Baylor.

“We definitely want to focus on our game and not so much switch to the way other teams play,” Steckelberg said. “We’ll be focusing on possessing and connecting and not just kicking and running or reverting to our old ways.”

Despite playing well and being on a good run of form, the Cyclones still have yet to register a win so far this season. 

One may argue the Cyclones deserved a win last week against Oklahoma State and goalkeeper Jordan Silkowitz would agree. 

“We’re taking things from each game and with the chances we created we were 100 percent in that game and probably should have won to be honest,” Silkowitz said.

In addition to the chances created, which should have seen the Cyclones win, the chances saved may also play a role in the Cyclones believing they deserved more.

Silkowitz came up with four saves against the Cowgirls and kept them quiet for a majority of the game. It was only until a long ball saw Cowgirls forward, Gabriella Coleman, through on goal to score and a last-minute penalty that got past the goalkeeper. 

“She’s a fantastic member of our team and a great leader,” Fannon said. “We’re really, really happy for her to be part of our squad on and off the field.”

Silkowitz has had a bright start to her season having made eight total saves and keeping the Cyclones in the game against the Cowgirls.

Silkowitz credits her success to her coaches and the work they put in on and off the field. 

“My coaches have been awesome,” Silkowitz said. “We’ve done a bunch of film and sessions that are very translatable to games and I’ve seen a lot of improvement for myself and the group of goalkeepers.” 

“I’m always looking to get better in the long run of things.”

The Cyclones will be looking to get their first win of the season against Baylor, which will mark Fannon’s first win as Iowa State head coach.

Iowa State will face Baylor at 6 p.m. Friday at the Cyclone Sports Complex in Ames.

The game will be broadcasted on Big 12 Now on ESPN+.