‘Enola Holmes’ is a fun-filled mystery

Faith Venenga

The latest spin off of the classic “Sherlock Holmes” franchise is “Enola Holmes”, the Netflix original movie that was released on Sept. 23.

The titular character Enola Holmes is played by “Stranger Things” star, Millie Bobby Brown. She stars alongside Henry Cavill, known for his portrayal of Superman in various DC movies and Netflix’s “The Witcher”. Cavill plays Sherlock Holmes and Sam Claflin, known from the “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “Love Rosie” films, plays Mycroft Holmes. 

Millie Bobby Brown shined through the film and really put her natural British accent to play. She played a role fans never knew they needed. 

Brown portrays her character as a very brilliant and quirky girl. Enola wakes up on her sixteenth birthday to discover her mother Eudoria (Helena Monham Carter) is missing. She calls in her two older brothers for help, but she doesn’t get exactly what she asked for. Therefore, she runs off on her own. Using the skills her mother taught her she is off to find her mother and help a new friend (Louis Partridge) along the way. 

During this time in London, women were meant to become “proper ladies”, and the only thing that mattered was a good education. In spite of what her oldest brother Mycroft thinks, when Enola is on her own, she dresses up as a boy as a disguise from her brothers. She proves that education doesn’t make her a woman, but setting her own path for her future does. 

There was the perfect amount of action involved with this mystery film. It showed what Enola was capable of and what any teenage girl could do if determined.

Brown monologues her plans and actions to the camera as if she were narrating her story to people watching; which was quite entertaining. It added to the personality Brown played for Enola. Enola makes it very clear that her name spelled backwards is alone, but she in fact is not. 

Based on its popularity, as it is the current most trending movie on Netflix, this is likely not the only entry into a possible future “Enola Holmes” franchise.

Final verdict: 8/10