NCAA Cross Country Championships

Nash Vanbibber

The final race of the Iowa State cross country men’s and women’s season took place today this afternoon in Madison, Wisconsin. The Iowa State men’s cross country team finished inside the top ten taking the No.7 spot while to Iowa State women’s team placed 15th.

Junior Edwin Kurgat placed in third at the NCAA Championship and earned All-American honors. This was the best individual finish by a Cyclone since Jonah Koech won the individual title in 1990. Kurgat was also named the 39th All American in school history this afternoon.

Junior Andrew Jordan finished with a time of 30:05.10 and came in 46th place, close to All-American contention. Freshman Chad Johnson finished with a time of 30:18.15 and came in 61st place. Senior Dan Curts and sophomore Milo Greder also earned top-100 finishes at the NCAA Championship. Curts finished with a time of 30:26.92 to place 76th followed closely behind was Greder with a time of 30:31.56 placing 84th. The last Cyclones to cross the finish line was senior John Nownes and sophomore Zach Black. Nownes finished with a time of 31:02.77 coming in 150th place, while Black came in 232nd with a time of 32:36.19.

Men’s Team Results:

1.Northern Arizona






7.Iowa State


9.Colorado State

10.Washington State

Men’s Individual Results:

3.Edwin Kurgat, 29:08.97

46.Andrew Jordan, 30:05.10

61.Chad Johnson, 30:26.92

76.Dan Curts, 30:26.92

84.Milo Greder, 30:31.56

150.John Nownes, 31:02.77

232.Zack Black, 32:36.19

The Iowa State women’s cross country team placed 15th at the NCAA Championship this afternoon. This is the second time the Iowa State women’s team has placed in top-20 at the NCAA Championships since the 2013-2014 seasons.

Anne Frisbie led the the pack today, finishing with a total time of 20:31.96 coming in 34th place. Frisbie became Iowa State’s 35th cross country All American in school history after her impressive run this afternoon.

Sophomores Cailie Logue and Amanda Vestri finished in the top-100. Logue placed in 53rd with a time of 20:44.33, followed by Vestri who placed in 173rd place with a time of 21:37.32. Another pair of Sophomores finished the race fairly close together. Karly Ackley finished in 196th place with a time of 21:51.26. Meanwhile Larkin Chapman finished with a total time of 22:08.3 placing in 217th.

Women’s Team Results:


2.New Mexico




6.Boise State


8.Notre Dame



11.Michigan State


13.Norhtern Carolina State


15.Iowa State

Women’s Individual Results:

34.Anne Frisbie, 20:31.96

53.Cailie Logue, 20:44.33

90.Amanda Vestri, 21:01.33

148.Abby Caldwell, 21:25.72

173.Kelly Nauman, 21:37.32

196.Karly Ackley, 21:51.26

217.Larkin Chapman, 22:08.03

The performances today both by the women’s and men’s cross country team finishes the very impressive 2018 cross country  season.