Testing TikTok clothing hacks: Styling one tank top six ways

One shoulder tank.

Megan Lenzi

Over the years, the apparel industry has attempted to make sustainable efforts worldwide, but thanks to TikTok, more and more clothing hacks are being revealed to revamp your closet staples with just one clothing item. 

Usually, sustainable and ethical clothing options come with a hefty price tag, which is not a very practical alternative for college students who aspire to shop sustainable but are balling on a budget. 

Tank top clothing hacks on TikTok have gone viral for teaching viewers how to seamlessly transform one tank top into six different styles while saving loads of money in the process, and the best part about these hacks is no sewing is required.

  1. One-shoulder tank 

  • Tuck one strap into the tank top to create a one shoulder look. 

  1. Twisted tank

  • Fold one side of the tank under and resecure the strap on the same side to get a desired “twist” style.

  1. Double straps one-shoulder tank

  • Take either the left or right strap over the head to create two straps on one shoulder. 

  1. Double straps one-shoulder twisted tank 

  • Twist the tank similar to step number two, then place the right or left strap across the head to make a one-shoulder look with two straps. 

  1. Cross wrap tank 

  • Place the left and right straps on opposite ends of your neck to create a cross-wrap effect. 

  1. Cross wrap twisted tank 

  • Twist the tank like step number two, then cross the left and right straps on the opposite sides to form a twisted halter crossover top. 

New clothing hacks have changed the game for college students to maximize their wardrobe without breaking the bank. Head to your nearest thrift store and only spare a couple bucks to totally update your wardrobe and try these new styles out this summer.