Iowa State softball could not take the momentum from No. 7 Texas

Sophomore pitcher Karlie Charles pitched the ball against the Longhorns on April 10, 2021.

Ellie Bousson

The Iowa State women’s softball team competed in their second game against No. 7 University of Texas on Saturday in Ames. 

The Longhorns led over the Cyclones the whole game, Iowa State came close to fighting through the scoreboard deficiency but did not succeed. Iowa State walked away from day two of the competition losing 11-5 against Texas. 

Iowa State head coach Jamie Pinkerton was not content with the performance of his team. 

“That wasn’t our best effort, we weren’t clean enough, we dug a hole and teams in the Big 12 are too good for us to dig a hole,” Pinkerton said. 

Ellie Spelhaug opened up on the mound for the Cyclones, Iowa State let up the first two runs to the Longhorns. In the first inning, Texas took their initial runs from a hit that went over the fence for a home run to begin the game. 

The Longhorns took another run from the Cyclones after bases were loaded in the top of the second inning, making it a 2-point advantage over Iowa State. 

Spelhaug was able to finish the bottom of the second inning, with two Longhorns on second and third base; Spelhaug found a way to drive the ball through the plate, wrapping up the inning. 

Things took a turn in the third inning, the Longhorns racked up five runs against the Cyclones. 

Halfway through the top of the third inning, Spelhaug took a seat, allowing Texas native, sophomore Karlie Charles a chance to take on the Longhorn batters.

With bases loaded Charles gave up her first run to Texas, Ellie Spelhaug hustled to first base, grabbing the second out of the inning. 

Shannon Rhodes of Texas, shot one down the middle into center field, Skyler Ramos bobbled the ball but was able to get it into the infield. 

The Longhorns lead the Cyclones 7-0 by the end of the first half in the top of the third inning. 

Ramos started off the batting order in the bottom of the third inning for the Cyclones, she was able to get on base. 

Right behind Ramos was Carli Spelhaug, who smacked one over the center field fence, bringing in Ramos and herself, putting up the first points on the scoreboard for the Cyclones. 

In the beginning of the fourth inning, Charles gave up a huge home run to the longhorns, making it a six-run deficit for Iowa State.

Lauren Burke of Texas had a high pop-up shot toward the back of centerfield, Ramos was able to make the play, grabbing the second out of the inning for Iowa State.

For the Cyclones’ attempt at bat in the fourth inning, sophomore Alesia Ranches cracked a shot down right field, taking second base. 

Senior Logan Schaben walked to first base, with Ranches still on second. Junior Sarah Tyree pushed the ball over the pitcher, Schaban with the tag. 

Another Texas native, Kasey Simpson was up to bat with one out, Ranches on third and Tyree on first. Simpson was able to find a hole in right field, advancing Ranches through home plate and Tyree to third.

Simpson felt that the hitting from the team was good but could have been better. 

“Definitely think we were hitting them hard all day, little small things we have to take care of [Sunday], definitely gotta come out a little bit better,” Simpson said.

Pinkerton was proud of Simpson’s presentation and leadership on the field against the Longhorns.

“Having Kasey gives us versatility, she has been our starting second baseman for a couple years and lost her job, she’s not a professional but she has acted like one,” Pinkerton said.  

Sammi Williams began the fifth inning at bat, she was walked to first base. Mikayla Ramos hit a dinger to the Longhorn’s center fielder. Williams had her seventh steal of the year, making her way over to second base. 

Milaysia Ochoa on a full count, pushed one to Texas’ shortstop, she was tagged out at first base. 

With Ranches up to bat with two outs and Williams still on third base; Ranches brought home Williams and put herself on first base, the Cyclones inching their way back to the Longhorns. 

Slight momentum was taken by the Cyclones after Schaben hit the ball towards center field, allowing Ranches to sit on third base. 

In the final inning and a half of the game, the Cyclones gave up two more runs to the Longhorns. 

The Cyclones will conclude their three game series against Texas on Sunday at noon.