ghost points

  • Ghost gave Stephens Auditorium a supernatural and sacrilegious spectacle of a rock and roll performance.

  • Complete with colorful and intense lights, intricate costumes, unholy setting, and mythical stage presence, Ghost created a breathtaking scene for Ames, Iowa.

  • Uplifting, sexual, devious, and spiritual describe the auditory emotions and feeling Ghost emitted for Ames in their devil worshipping rock anthems and satanic ballads.

  • Dueling melodic guitars and triumphant yet eerie vocals echoed throughout Stephens Auditorium during Ghost’s performance, faithful fans and face-painted worshipers of Ghost echoed their passion back.

  • An 80’s rock concert, a church on Sunday, a smokey blues bar, all make up the atmosphere Ghost was able to create for Stephens Auditorium with their ranging hard rock sound.