Outdoor Recreation Programs offering students affordable trips

Pictured from above are students shown on the beach readying up to go surf during one of the Outdoor Recreation Program’s recent student trips.

Jordan Hamann

For students still looking for a way to spend their winter break, Iowa State Outdoor Recreation Programs is offering an affordable trip for students.

According to the Outdoor Recreation Program, the Winter Excursion trip still has five spots available for students looking to go to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

“Everything is pretty much included on the trips. Trip leaders, transportation, food while on site, any permits, tickets, etc.; all of that is included,” said Jerry Rupert, assistant director for Outdoor Recreation Programs for Iowa State Recreation Services.

The trip will consist of a four day, three night stay with options of cross country skiing & snowshoeing, and an added bonus is to build snow shelters and sleep in those overnight, if students choose to.

It will cost $266 for passholders and $450 for non-passholders.

Other trips that were previously offered included Snowboarding and Skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Fun in the Sun trip overseas to Costa Rica; Backpacking the Ozark Highland Trails in Arkansas; and Canoeing and Hiking in Big Bend National Park, including a stop at the Rio Grande all in Texas.

These trips no longer have spots available but are normally offered every year by the Outdoor Recreations Program.

This year the program offered its first overseas trip to Costa Rica. In the program’s almost 50 year history, they had not previously offered an overseas trip.

The Outdoor Recreation Programs sets 10 spots for each trip with between two or three trip leaders. For river trips, there are 12 spots set with four trip leaders.

Rupert said the reason the groups are so small as to make the quality of the trips more personable and an overall better experience for students.

The Outdoor Recreation Programs will have between 100 and 120 students and trip leaders sign up per year.

For spring break, The Outdoor Recreation Programs will be offering eight trips.

Two trips that students can look forward to are surfing and skiing/snowboarding trips to California and Utah.

The trips for spring break will open for students to sign up at 8 a.m. on Jan. 14.