CALS Club Championship

Katie Brinkman

The CALS club championship was held Thursday night where 12 clubs within CALS went head-to-head to compete for a trophy with their name engraved on it.

There were four members representing each club to compete in a total of five events: Dizzy Dizzy Duck, Clothing Race, Nylon Game, Wheelbarrow Race and Cornhole. Each event had a ten minute time limit.

“It was a cool experience to compete against other club within CALS,” said Julia Campbell, a freshman in Agricultural Business.

Dizzy Dizzy Duck was a relay race where a team member would run to the end of Pavilion, spin around a piece of wood eight times and race back to their teammate.

The clothing race was also a relay race, but team members had to dress up in overalls, gloves, a hat and boots, and then race to the other end. The team member would then take off everything and let the next teammate put the clothing items on.

The next event was the Nylon Game, where team members put a pair nylons on their head with a baseball in the end. A line of water bottles were set on the ground and a team member with the pair of nylons on would knock over the water bottles with the baseball.

Following the Nylon Game was the Wheelbarrow Race. One team member would pick up a teammate that was lying on the ground by their feet. Then, the teammate that was on the ground would use their hands as the wheel of wheelbarrow.

The team would race down to a trash can, run around it, and race back to to their team. The next two teammates then did the same.

The last event teams competed in was cornhole. However, this wasn’t your average game of cornhole. Instead of wood cornhole boards and squishy bean bags, the cornhole boards were inflatables and the bean bags were bags with weights in them. Teams would toss the bean bags onto the inflatables in hopes that it would sail into the hole in the middle. The first team to 15 won.

The winning club of the CALS club championship was Agricultural Business, followed by Bacon Expo ending up in second. And after a close game of agricultural trivia, Iowa Corn Growers came in third against Alpha Zeta.

“This was a good opportunity to represent my club and be proud of it,” said Cale Pellett, a freshman in Agricultural Business.