Monday Monologues to return next week with a choral performance


Monday Monologues will begin next week on Monday Oct. 3 at 12:15 on the south steps of Parks Library.

This fall’s Monday Monologue line-up has been announced and is set to begin next week with a performance from three campus choral groups.

Monday Monologues, open to anyone, is a series of 20 to 40-minute performances during lunchtime in the library.

In addition to people already in the library, these performances are open to those who might not typically visit the library but are interested in the performances.

“The goal is just to provide another way to utilize the library for relaxation and fun,” said Susan Gent, community engagement specialist. “A lot of students already use the library to grab food, so the idea was to be a little coffee shop or lunch-type entertainment.”

The first Monday Monologue will take place 12:15 p.m. Oct. 3 on the south steps outside the Parks Library and will feature Cantamus, Lyrica and Count Me In.

The three choral ensembles will start off the series with a performance that will build on songs, stories and community. The performances will include Bob Marley, Finnish Folk Song and a Tryptophan Hand Jive, according to the newsletter.

Dr. Rogers, assistant director of choral activities, moved to Iowa State during the pandemic, she was interested in finding alternative spaces to sing, Gent said.

“The steps in front of the library really lent themselves to reaching a lot of people at the same time and making central campus feel really joyful,” Gent said.

After this first performance, events will move indoors to the Grant Wood Mural Lobby north of Bookends Café.

The rest of the line-up will include poetry, songs, writing and theater performances.

“I love bringing something unexpected to the library and watching people who come knowing what they might be in for, but also seeing people get drawn in because they hear singing or reading and can tell something special is happening,” Gent said.

Gent shared that she is always looking for new artists, poets and performers to participate in Monday Monologues.

To learn more about the line-up of performances, visit the newsletter.