ISU Creamery offers fall menu items


Jacob Barker

The ISU Creamery is offering its seasonal All American Apple Pie flavor and a new Black Cow drink option.

Iowa State has a sweet tooth to share with students and new flavors to celebrate the fall season. The ISU Creamery, located in the Food Sciences Building on the second floor, is promoting two new menu items.

The two flavors, Black Cow and All American Apple Pie, were only recently made available but have skyrocketed in popularity.

“[All American Apple Pie] is a seasonal variety for students,” Kinsey Christianson, a freshman studying animal science, said. “When you bite into it, it’s really crisp and refreshing to have.”

All American Apple Pie was first made available last fall. As a seasonal item, it will only be available for a limited time. The flavor consists of apple pieces and graham cracker swirls.

“The apple pie flavor is a recognition that is awarded to student-athletes each year for their sportsmanship,” Christianson said. “The flavor recognizes all the Cyclones who received this honor, so it’s a pretty popular flavor among students.”

The Black Cow is another recent addition to the Creamery’s menu. It is a mixture of root beer flavored ingredients blended together with vanilla ice cream into a smoothie-like texture and served in a cup. It is available on Fridays from noon to 3 p.m.

As a resident of Wisconsin, Christianson suggested the flavor of Black Cow due to how abundant the animal is in the state.

“I wanted to bring it to Iowa, so now we have it from noon to three; we get a good consistency and serve it to students,” Christianson said. “It’s a lot easier to take to class since food isn’t allowed in many of the buildings. Students enjoy this feature because they can take it on the go.”

Aside from the flavors and seasonal treasures, the Creamery is also an opportunity for students seeking part-time work.

“I enjoy working here because of all the people I meet who enjoy our ice cream and start a conversation with us,” Christianson said.

The Creamery is a micro-creamery, which means it does not experiment with many flavors. Instead, most of the Creamery’s time and energy is put into the current menu. They plan to look at new ideas in the future if the opportunity arises.

“We’ve experienced more customers since the beginning of the semester,” Christianson said. “Once we see an increase in customers and sales, we’re going to try a new flavor called a moo-cachino, which is a coffee and ice cream combination that’s like the Black Cow.”

The ISU Creamery is open from noon to 4:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday.

Additional information can be found on the ISU Creamery website and Facebook page.