Review: Måneskin’s rise to stardom continues with “RUSH!”


Courtesy of Spotify

“RUSH!” by Måneskin was released January 20 and has 17 songs.

Last year proved to be a successful year for the Italian rock band Måneskin. After being nominated for four American Music Awards and winning the MTV Video Music Award for New Artist, they reached a new level of success since their time on X Factor (Italy) in 2017.

With their new album “RUSH!,” this fame could keep elevating. The album keeps the same classic rock feel they are known for as well as throwing in some beautiful love ballads. This mix shows pure emotion from the band and kept me interested through every listen.

This 53-minute album flows together in sound, and they stay true to their roots with three songs in Italian, a language shift toward the end of the album that doesn’t feel forced or out of place. I only felt this consistency was off on a few songs that seemed more experimental than the rest of the album. “BLA BLA BLA” and “KOOL KIDS” are rougher and more in your face than what I was expecting based on the rest of the songs.

Lead singer Damiano David is able to show off his vocal range and continues to alter his voice to pair perfectly with the music.

The album opens with “OWN MY MIND,” which could be their next big hit. This catchy and edgy song has the potential to be the next radio-repeating, TikTok-trending hit. A great opener to the album, it brings the same feel as their 2021 hit “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE,” captivating fans with the sound they know and love.

“TIMEZONE” is the song I can’t stop listening to. I simply want to go for a drive, blast my car radio and lose my voice screaming along to this devastating star-crossed lovers anthem. The lyrics, “Only thing that keeps us apart is a different timezone / So fuck what I’m dreaming, this fame has no meaning / I’m coming home,” portrays the difficult task of holding onto a relationship when his whole world has changed due to fame, but even his biggest passion can’t stop him from trying.

When listening on Spotify, the songs are paired with their storylines. For the deeply personal love song, “IF NOT FOR YOU,” they had it perfected in the first take, not needing to re-record anything. Måneskin claims it is a “very intimate piece, completely different from the rest.”

With this album, Måneskin has proved they are more than just a few big hits, and they are here to stay. They have continued to prove their talent in their third studio album, and I hope to see their popularity grow.



Rating: 8/10