Review: “NEVER ENOUGH” forces listeners into feelings of love and loss


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R&B singer Daniel Caesar’s third album “NEVER ENOUGH.”

Daniel Caesar refuses to release a bad album.

The R&B singer’s third album “NEVER ENOUGH” was released earlier this month, with a bonus version including two features coming out a few days later.

Caesar could release an album singing his grocery list and daily chores and I would still listen to it. His soft melodic voice consumes my consciousness, forcing me into a new mindset. I felt required to let go of frustrations and lose myself in the rhythm for an hour and six minutes. He wrote the most influential lyrics correlating to common but difficult experiences many listeners can relate to.

Navigating life through passionate love and intense loss are the central themes of the album, which is easy to determine early on. Caesar doesn’t just express his own feelings; he invites listeners to recognize and embrace what they felt in similar times.

Nothing on the album is sad; it’s all completely devastating in the most beautifully artistic way. Forcing detachment from someone you swear to be your soulmate is painfully displayed in “Always.” Caesar sings, “And I don’t care / If you’re with somebody else / I’ll give you time and space / Just know I’m not a phase / I’m always.”

In the bonus version of the album, Summer Walker is featured on this song and it only improves. Caesar has an undeniable talent for collaborating with artists who not only match his vocal range and ability but mesh so perfectly with his sound.

The song “Do You Like Me?” asks the question many people in an unsure relationship wonder. Feelings of uncertainty, fear and slight hopefulness come from overthinking and basing current relationships on past experiences.

Songs like “Pain is Inevitable” force you into uncomfortable and hurt feelings while also soothing that pain. This song repeats the phrase, “Pain is inevitable / Misery’s a choice.” The agony that comes with loss may be unavoidable, but pain and misery do not have to go hand in hand. There is a self-realization throughout the song where Caesar decides not to let his feelings guide his life.

“Vince Van Gogh” shows pain leading to a new mindset. When exhaustion overtook his career, he started comparing himself to the painter, a man who struggled to uphold his own standards and make a name for himself until his death. After giving up personal connections to further a career, he still feels unsuccessful.

In the closing track, “Unstoppable,” Caesar connects with his Jamaican roots by featuring Jamaican singer Chronixx. While still an intimate song, some explicit content is bleeped throughout. After listening several times with uncertainty about what this meant, I feel he is recreating the innocence of his childhood, where he was raised in church and gospel.

“NEVER ENOUGH” amplifies Caesar’s ability to blend his voice with any melodic beat. He shows pure talent in every aspect of songwriting and album production, refusing to release something mediocre.

Rating: 10/10