BREAKING: Blackout power outage in Schilletter-University Village Community


The power was restored to Schilletter-University Village (SUV) Community Center after a three-hour outage Thursday evening.

According to the SUV Apartment Director, Courtney Klein, the cause of the outage is unknown, but both the Iowa State police department and maintenance staff were aware and responded to the issue.

Shortly after the blackout, Klein stated in an email they were unaware of exactly when the power will be restored but that it could be a couple of hours.

For those living in the SUV community, Klein gave tips to help individuals stay warm in their homes:

  • Close all currents and blinds to help reduce draft from the windows
  • Place blankets and/or towels against doors to reduce drafts
  • Do not open any doors or windows to your apartment
  • Open cabinets where sink pipes are located. This will help to keep the pipes warm and reduce the risk of freezing.

Residents may also shelter at Bessey Hall and/or Lied Recreation center for warmth until the power is restored.