Best Room on Campus contest wraps up voting Friday


One of the finalists for the spring 2023 Best Room on Campus contest decorated their dorm with a 70s rainbow theme. Courtesy of Anna Dunlap.

The Best Room on Campus contest, a recent tradition on campus, is wrapping up the last week of voting before announcing a champion, and the finalists are eager for the outcome.

Over the last five year students are encouraged to share their decoration style and promote their decor work online for others to see.At the beginning of the contest, a total of 40 students joined at the start of January. The competition has now been narrowed down to 10 finalists.

Voting runs through Friday and results for the winner will be announced March 22.

“We’ve been doing this event since 2018, so it’s something of a new tradition the students enjoy,” Chad Bauman, a resident services department director, said. “We’ve gone back and forth regarding timing during each semester.”

The first place winner will receive a $300 gift card and the second place winner will receive a $200 gift card. Though the prizes can be an incentive to do well in the contest, many participants also enjoy expressing themselves through their decor.

“Students take the time out of their day to put together something that will really excite the judges,” Bauman said. “They incorporate cohesive creative elements to show off their style and personality.”

According to the rules of the contest, students’ rooms must not show any inappropriate or offensive material that will have them disqualified from the competition. This includes offensive language and material showing nudity, violence or gore.

“It’s a chance for students to show off their creativity,” Bauman said. “It’s amazing how students can bring a little bit of home into their space while showcasing their personalities.”

One of these finalists is Anna Dunlap, a sophomore in public relations, who adds an interesting blend to her dorm room.

“My roommate and I went with a 70s rainbow theme to brighten up the room,” Dunlap said. “We started with a rainbow rug and then a yellow futon; we pulled other colors from the rug and made the whole room with bright colors and lighting.”

This year’s competition is Dunlap’s first time participating. She first discovered it after her father showed her the contest.

According to Dunlap, her dorm feels like a finished living space where she and her roommate feel comfortable.

“Every time someone comes into our room, they compliment how homey it feels,” Dunlap said. “We have everything a normal house does, it feels like a finished living space.”

Students are allowed to vote for their favorite rooms through the Department of Residence Instagram using the link in their bio.