Clouds open for late night studying during finals


Clouds is open 24/7 during Study Marathon.

Students cramming for finals, working on projects and writing papers can use their hours of hard work for a chance to win an inflatable kayak, a cooking set and other prizes at Clouds during Study Marathon.

Clouds, the cafe located “100 feet above,” has been continuously open since Saturday, and will be until Sunday night. Students can compete individually, in teams or through Greek Life.

Prizes for Study Marathon at Clouds.

Zayna Evans, a junior in preveterinary medicine, was on top of the leaderboard at the start of the week with 24.5 hours. As of Wednesday, she is second with 39 hours.

“I have classes that have mandatory attendance and then I also have an on-campus job, so I’m really here most times at night,” Evans said.

Evans said her main source of energy this week has been coffee and Red Bull. These drinks, along with the atmosphere, makes studying at Clouds easy.

“It’s a lot more comfortable than the library with the desk and chairs, especially the booths and just the lighting, it makes it more comfortable,” Evans said. “Then getting out of the apartment and just like a different environment to study helps a lot.”

Paige Grainger, a sophomore in marketing, is competing both individually and with her sorority, Kappa Delta. Being able to socialize while studying during the day has made preparing for finals easier for Grainger.

“I’ve honestly met like a lot of people doing this, it’s kind of encouraging” Grainger said. “It’s fun to be competing against other sororities and fraternities.”

Rachel Frost, a freshman in political science, has been arriving at Clouds around 8 p.m. and staying until 3 a.m. or later. Within the first three days, Frost racked up 29 hours of studying at Clouds.

“It helps me focus a little bit more to study at night,” Frost said. “I’m a night owl, so I don’t really wake up until the late morning.”

Frost said she also prefers a study area with fewer people around. While most people leave for the night before her, Frost has no trouble staying awake.

“I’m an energy drink girly,” Frost said. “And [Clouds] has a peach blooming tea and that’s really nice.”

Frost doesn’t feel quite as distracted at Clouds as she does at home, so she is able to focus in on reading.

Even through late nights, Frost feels there are benefits to studying in a cafe late at night that aren’t available at home.

“It’s really easy because you kind of have people catering to whatever you need,” Frost said. “You have a space that is perpetually being cleaned for you, and all you have to do is order and everything else is taken care of for you.”

Frost said the amount of time she’s been able to spend at Clouds has made her feel much more prepared for finals than she did last week.