Behind the Scenes Day

, Livhanson95

Behind the Scenes Day… because who doesn’t love a inside look into the world of a fashion student?

Or so some might say. April 13, the day before The Fashion Show, marks the day this year where over 400 prospective students and high schoolers got a look at what it’s like to be an apparel, merchandising and design major. Most of the students come from high schools and 4-H groups from around Iowa, some from community colleges and some students are from out of state.

The beginning of the day started off with learning sessions for prospective students and their parents. They met with AMD professors, advisers and other AMD students to listen to them talk about all of things that the program consists of and has to offer. They also learn about internships, field studies, study abroad trips, clubs, leadership opportunities and other things that are available for AMD students at Iowa State.

“They’re basically going to sessions and doing different things such as buying and merchandising, pattern making, mood boards—just tons of different things to kind of get a glimpse into what life is like as student here for AMD majors,” Nicole Kluesner, Behind the Scenes Day director and junior in apparel merchandising and design, and marketing, said.

Then in the afternoon, high school students and other groups and their teachers or leaders were able to come with the prospective students and parents to an AMD student panel. The student panel consists of 12 to 14 current AMD students who talk with the students on what life is like as an AMD student.

“We just talk about the opportunities at Iowa State. So study abroad, internships, clubs, scholarship programs, our NRF field studies,” Tammie Melton, Behind the Scenes Director and sophomore in apparel merchandising and design, and marketing, said. “And kind of just getting the experience and viewpoints of our actual students rather than us just giving them information or them just going to a session with a professor talking about it. So really talking to the current students and seeing how those experiences are beneficial and how they helped them secure an internship or get a leadership position in a club.”

After the student panel, prospective students and high schoolers were invited to come to the dress rehearsal for The Fashion Show. This allows them to see what The Fashion Show entails if they were to either be a part of The Fashion Show or even if they were just to attend as an Iowa State student.

The Behind the Scenes directors, Nicole Kluesner, Presley Eldien, Tammie Melton and Carlie Howard, worked closely with Chris Wise since November to put on the Behind the Scenes Day event. The Behind the Scenes Day committee is different from other fashion show committees in that it doesn’t necessarily connect to the actual event.

“It’s different than The Fashion Show. We’re kind of on our own in a way,” Presley Eldien, Behind the Scenes Director and sophomore in apparel merchandising and design, and marketing, said. “But it is really—it does relate to The Fashion Show. They get to go to the dress rehearsal. They get to see kind of what The Fashion Show is too.”

According to the Behind the Scenes directors, some of the students that attend the dress rehearsal for The Fashion Show end up going to the real show the next day. This helps to bring more exposure to The Fashion Show and gives high schoolers a look at what it would be like if they were to participate.

“So I think that essentially this day is really important for gaining exposure for The Fashion Show and getting the attendance to the show up there because they do get to go to the dress rehearsal, which makes them want to attend the real show even more,” Presley Eldien, Behind the Scenes Director and sophomore in apparel merchandising and design, and marketing, said.

The directors also say this day is a lot about the parents of prospective AMD students as well.

“I think it also gives parents an idea of what it means to major in AMD,” Melton said. “I think a lot of parents don’t really know what that entails and don’t really see how that can be a sustainable career path but coming to this you really get to see how hands-on the classes are and how much our professors care about getting us to the right places and helping us be successful in the future.”

Akilah Jefferson, a junior from Xavier High School in Cedar Rapids, was surprised by everything the AMD program consists of and all of the things it has to offer.

“I was surprised just because it’s more than I thought it was and I really liked how they inform you about every single part of it,” Jefferson said. “And I just didn’t realize how big it was and how many different options I have. It’s hard to choose one because they’re all so interesting.”