Editorial: Goals for 2018


Iowa State Daily

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Isd Editorial Staff

In 2018, we promise to continue providing our audience with information they want and need to make educated decisions while creating a platform for public discourse. Each of our editors has set a goal for continuing our mission this year.

We resolve to do the following. 

Create and manage a team of reporters to uncover wrongdoing and injustice and to provide explanation and analysis to the big issues facing Iowa State.

Send out more newsworthy special sections pieces than this last semester.

Provide diverse content on a variety of platforms that is appealing and inclusive to all.

Produce more content that sparks constructive conversations and debates.

Share stories that show more about the people behind the scenes. 

Tell stories few have ever heard.

Provide the Iowa State community with the most updated and accurate sports stories with not only game stories, but feature stories that will touch the hearts of this community.

Create solution-oriented content that helps better the Iowa State community.

Create creative and boundary-pushing digital content. 

Provide a strong e-newsletter that will provide you with must-read news from the Iowa State Daily.

Represent diversity on campus in the most fair, complete and accurate way possible and to give a voice to the voiceless.

Visuals will provide high quality visual aspects for every story. We will constantly work on improving our personal photography skills in order to deliver our best work to the Iowa State community.

Think outside of the box when photographing events.

Create content that is fair, complete and accurate and represents our community. 

Keep the Daily’s content as accurate as possible.

Place an even greater emphasis on fact checking so the audience receives clear, accurate information.

Produce content that ensures that you are never bored.

There will be more content from all areas of academics, spreading out the news coverage.

Help students at Iowa State further understand what they can gain from reading the Daily.