Easy hair trends for a busy lifestyle

Half up hair

Andrea Poppinga

This time of the year, things can get extremely hectic. Schedules are packed with barely any breathing room, and it can be hard to keep up with everything.

But this busy season doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your self image.

Whether you are going to class, the supermarket or a quick coffee-run, taking a few extra minutes to do your hair could add a lot to a look. These three hairstyles will help you achieve an easy, put-together vibe. 

Look 1: The messy bun

The messy bun is a twist on your classic bun. The key to making this look work is making the bun messy without making it look super sloppy. First, you are going to put your hair in a bun high up on your head. Then, you are going to pull some baby hairs out of the bun to frame your face. Remember, it is a messy bun so it does not have to look perfect. This look can be achieved in less than two minutes, which makes it perfect for a busy day.

Look 2: Half-up high ponytail

This is a very popular hairstyle right now, and it is incredibly easy. You can achieve the look with your natural hair or you can add wavy curls in your hair with a curling iron first. All you are going to do is section off a significant amount of your hair and put an elastic around it. Then, you are going to continue tightening it while moving it farther and farther up your head to get the volume and height you desire.

Look 3: Braid in ponytail

This look adds a simple addition to the classic ponytail. By adding a braid into your ponytail, you can create a new look that is fun and intriguing. All you have to do is put your hair into a ponytail, then take a chunk of that ponytail and create a braid and secure it at the bottom with a clear elastic. This look is a simple addition to the every-day ponytail.