IRHA sends out email containing housing petition


Mikinna Kerns/Iowa State Daily

Iowa State freshman Jacob Schrader addresses the the City Counsel Nov. 14. regarding the city council’s decision pertaining to limiting occupancy in rental units.

Danielle Gehr

A petition sent out by the Inter-Residence Hall Association, or IRHA, has been signed by over 1,000 Iowa State community members. 

The petition, which will be shown to the Ames City Council at their Nov. 28 meeting, is to speak out against proposed housing restrictions which in the email where called discriminatory towards students. 

The City Council motioned for the housing ordinance to limit one and two bedroom homes to three people and to have three, four and five bedroom homes to have equal occupants to the number of bedrooms. 

The total cap is set at five people who can rent a single home. In a six-bedroom house, no more than five unrelated people can occupy it.

Additionally, the council motioned to include restrictions based on parking spaces. 

One, two and three bedroom houses are required to have two off-street parking spaces. Houses with four rooms or above must have parking spaces equal to the number of bedrooms. 

A five-bedroom house with four parking spots, cannot rent to more than four people. 

The email also addresses concerns based off how students were treated. 

“At the last City Council meeting:
  • Concerns raised by students were treated rudely or ignored
  • Changes were made FURTHER limiting occupancy
  • A Neighborhood Association in favor of these regulations were treated much more seriously than students,” the email stated. 

To participate in the petition, people must go to where they must provide their name and email.