How to get the most out of Hy-Vee

Matilda Kuenster

Leaving the dorms and having no idea how to feed oneself seems to be a problem among many students.

It’s important for a student’s health, and their wallet, to stick to inexpensive foods that are providing the nutrition that is needed. Unfortunately, there isn’t a set guide to eating that everyone can follow, but there are ways to be conscious about the food being purchased and the nutritional benefits of it.

“Grocery shopping may not be everyone’s favorite task but since it has to be done, Hy-Vee can help improve the quality of this tedious task,” said Nicole Wright, West Ames Hy-Vee dietitian. “If students really want to get the most of of their grocery store it is important to learn about their place of purchase first.”

An easy way to learn about Hy-Vee is to schedule a tour with a registered dietician, who shows prospective customers around the store to familiarize them with everything the company has to offer.

Along with Hy-Vee being a well rounded grocery store, it also offers other services such as a marketplace, floral, bakery, wine and spirits, a pharmacy, gas station, dieticians services and a McFarland Quick Care Clinic.

“Students and adults who are in a time crunch because of work, school, and extracurriculars utilize the great personal shopping service that Hy-Vee has to offer,” Wright said,

Hy-Vee offers a personal shopping service, which consists of online ordering items that the customer wants to have delivered. Additionally, a $4.95 service charge is added for any order under $100, while any orders over $100 are not subject to this service charge.