Professors speak about their presidential opinions

Tiana Nichelson

“A president who appreciates the importance of supporting research,” said professor of political science, Amy Smith.

“Acknowledging the fact that all of them are excellent, if I had to chose one, I would pick Dr. Whitten,” said professor of agricultural education, Robert Martin. “I was impressed by her passion.”

“I would like for a candidate to embrace everyone, to be open to anyone coming to campus,” said Sinem Sonsaat, a pre-doctorate associate in the english department.

“I think his [Sonny Ramaswamy] background is best for what we need right now,” said senior lecturer in the english department, Sarah Davis.

“Everybody has very positive things to say about Dean Winterstein,” said Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, professor of history.

“I’d like them to be open to students and faculty,” said professor of philosophy and religious studies, Margaret Holmgren, “[the president] should help students graduate with minimum debt and find good careers.”