Yell Like Hell Second Cuts

Mikaila Gondreau

Yell Like Hell teams brought their enthusiasm to the Central Campus stage to perform their skits for the judges.

First cuts for Yell Like Hell were held last Saturday when the Greek pairings gave some very energetic performances for the judges. Through all the excitement, only 8 pairings made it through to second cuts, which were held Wednesday night.

They performed in the following order:

  • End of Cy’s World

  • Might Morphin’ Cyclone Rangers

  • Alumni Tailgate

  • The Spirit and the Beast

  • CY vs. Wild

  • Cy Chasers

  • Can You Hear It?

  • Cirque de CY-leil

The second round of the competition is the most distinctive one, as students are usually seen sporting cardinal and gold colored paint from head to toe. It is also a very crucial round, as the judges choose who will get to perform Friday night at the pep rally.

Many non-competing students came out to brave the chilly weather to support the event.

Jadi Reding, a freshman in Psychology and Criminal Justice, was a spectator at the event, supporting her friend in Phi Kappa Psi, who made it through to second cuts. Reding did not know what to expect from Yell Like Hell, as it was her first time attending.

Loyal members of the Greek community also came to Central Campus to show their support.

Kelby Schultz, a Communications Studies major and member of Delta Chi who performed on Saturday, was also watching from the crowd. “It’s awesome seeing the IFC and FCC coming together and really showing their Cyclone spirit,” Schultz said. “A lot of the teams become really close.”

Cory Meschede, a sophomore in Finance, was at the event to support his own fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, who performed first at second cuts. Meschede is a transfer student who has never been to Yell Like Hell. He was expecting to see “a lot of emotions and a lot of yelling.”

Emotions and yelling aren’t the only thing you can expect from this entertaining Iowa State homecoming tradition. Since 1963 when the tradition began, teams have been creating their own witty skits to perform in front of judges. These skits include music, dancing, ISU traditions and history, and of course, yelling like hell. This event is a great way to showcase members of the Greek community, and also to foster an environment of strong school spirit.