What to know about the mom jean trend



Andrea Poppinga

Mom jeans have made a comeback.

Mom jeans had gone almost completely extinct, but have recently made a big comeback in the fashion world. These jeans have a way of flattering many figures because of the fit and the stretch that they possess.

Within the category of mom jeans are several different fits that can be recognized before thinking they all fit the same. One might be the perfect fit, and another not so much, so here is a simple breakdown of three of the most popular fits, according to Denimology.

The boyfriend fit: Boyfriend jeans have a slouchy and relaxed fit, yet they carry a baggy shape. As the boyfriend fit becomes more evolved, they are getting more sleek and fitted-looking.

The girlfriend fit: This is the more feminine version of the boyfriend jean. This look is a little more tight fitting through the hip and thigh, and then tapers off near the ankle into almost a “straight” fit.

The “mom” fit: The mom fit is high waisted, and the leg area is neither too tight nor too loose. This jean is supposed to do wonders for your bum, making it longer and thinner.

This look is all over Hollywood right now. It has been seen on individuals through social media, of all ages, including celebrities Gigi Hadid and Kourtney Kardashian, and therefore bringing attention to this new-ish look, because of how versatile it really is.


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While all these jeans have made a recent comeback in today’s society, finding the right fit for your body type is essential. Once you have mastered the fit that suits you right, you may never go back to ordinary jeans.