Tips to your favorite fall makeup looks

Andrea Poppinga

This fall, a lot of new looks have already been emerging. It is a time to switch palettes of previous summer colors and set out for more of a darker look.

This season, darker may be better.

Check out these three different looks that you may see throughout the fall season and are easy to do yourself. For each look there is a photo from Pinterest, as well as a real-life picture to show you just how simple and trendy these looks are. 

Look 1: Dark lip

This is an easy look to achieve in just one easy step. The trick is making sure to outline with a lip pencil, and filling in with a lipstick or matte gloss that matches the lip outline. This will lead to the perfect lip.

Some hot colors this season are dark reds, purples and even blacks. You can also opt for a brighter version of any of these colors if you aren’t into dark shades.

Pinterest version:

DIY version:

Look 2: Dark eyeshadow

This fall, try mixing up the eyeshadow from your classic go-to color, to a darker charcoal, black or gray color. This smokey look is very in, and gives you the perfect boost to your everyday makeup routine in such an easy way.

Pinterest version:

DIY version:

Look 3: Sparkles

Sparkles are in. Whether that is a sparkly eyeshadow, a sparkle-based blush or all-over powder. In this photo you can see the sparkle in the eyeshadow, as well as throughout the cheekbones, which defines them.

Some sparkle eyeshadow colors that are in right now are anything ranging from dark pinks, to oranges and even deep reds.

Don’t be afraid to spice things up and add sparkle into your makeup routine this fall!

Pinterest version:

DIY version: