Iowa State Block & Bridle packages over 80,000 meals in 4th annual Hunger Fight

Jared Swab

Iowa State Block & Bridle Club surpassed 80,000 meals packaged this year in their Hunger Fight. This is the fourth year the club has partnered with Meals from the Heartland for the CALS Week event.

Block & Bridle Club President Lexi Delaney stated before the event that the club had set a goal of 80,000 meals packaged. With the help of over 250 volunteers from the club, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and other members of the university, they were able to complete 83,160 meals.

Meals from the Heartland, a West Des Moines based nonprofit, is the organization that Block & Bridle partners with to make the event happen. The nonprofit provides all the food and materials necessary for the event, while any group that wants to volunteer with them provides the labor. Since 2008, the charity has provided over 83 million meals to those in need locally, and throughout the world.

After the successful event, Hunger Fight Co-Chairs Gabby Dirusso and Katherine Taylor set an early goal of 100,000 meals for the 5th Annual Hunger Fight next year. The duo also said that the club is working towards getting Elanco involved in helping to run the event next year. Elanco works with the caregivers of pets and livestock to help improve animal welfare. The company dedicates a full day every September or October to help support the communities they are in.