Iowa State student arrested following stabbing


Courtesy of the Story County Inmate Listing

Mehdi Khouadri is awaiting trial after being arrested for assault causing serious injury. 

Danielle Gehr

The Ames Police Department arrested an Iowa State junior Tuesday on suspicion he stabbed his roommate who was sent to Mary Greeley hospital for his injuries, according to Commander Geoff Huff of the Ames Police. 

Mehdi Khouadri, 23, a software engineering major, awaits trial after being arrested for assault causing serious injury which is a class D felony. 

The Ames Police received a call just before 3 p.m. Tuesday from the victim who reported his roommate had stabbed him in their apartment at 4710 Mortensen Road. Huff added the dispute surrounded the victim moving Khouadri’s laundry. 

Khouadri admitted to having a confrontation with his roommate and was located by police outside the apartment building.

Huff said he thinks the roommates did not know each other long before the incident. 

The victim’s injuries were not life threatening and he has since been released from the hospital.