Cyclone softball heads to Texas after defeat against Iowa


Iowa State senior Rachel Hartman connect for a hit early in the game against Oklahoma State.

Tara Larson

Just after Iowa State’s softball team broke its long losing streak last weekend, the Cyclones went back to their losing ways, falling to Iowa on Tuesday. 

“It really came down to two plays,” head coach Jamie Trachsel said. “I thought we had control over both of them, on both sides of the ball on defense and offense. We actually didn’t execute either of those plays and that ended up being the deciding factor.”

While it was a loss for the Cyclones, it wasn’t all negative. Freshman infielder Sami Williams grabbed her 16th double of the season, tying a single-season school record.

“It’s not really something I was thinking about during the game,” Williams said. “I’d hope I’d have another double within the next nine games.”

While both positives and negatives might have come from the Iowa game, the team is now looking to the next chance to play, which is Friday.

The Cyclones will battle Texas (24-18, 3-6 Big 12) over the weekend in Austin, Texas. The three-game series begins 4:30 p.m. Friday, then continues at 1 p.m. Saturday. The Cyclones close out the weekend on Sunday, with their final game beginning at 11 a.m.

The Longhorns could pose a threat to the Cyclones this weekend. They are ranked No. 5 in the Big 12 while Iowa State is No. 7. Texas also shutout Texas Tech last weekend, a team that beat Iowa State earlier this season.

Losing to Iowa after winning their first game in weeks might be a bit of a confidence-drainer, but players don’t feel that way. 

“I think our team is really great about energy and charisma and intensity,” senior infielder Rachel Hartman said. “I think that we come out there every week with the same mentality of winning and achieving that goal that we set out to get.”

Trachsel also did not agree that the team would lose its poise after losing to Iowa.

“You have to handle success like you handle failure, which you give yourself the time period to enjoy it or process it,” Trachsel said. “We still have a lot to play for in conference and it starts with Texas.”