Nine things Student Government did in 2019 [no touch pls]

Cassie Lehmann

Entering the Memorial Union on Wednesdays you may see members of the Senate conversing with one another about their personal lives, bills they will be reviewing throughout the night or what they are eating for dinner. But once 7 p.m. hits, Vice President Vishesh Bhatia’s gavel strikes and the Student Government’s meeting promptly starts. 

Student Government has been faced with multiple bills throughout the semester with long nights following. It can be confusing and hard to understand, but here is a breakdown of 9 things Student Government did in 2019.  

1. Created a Court Reform Bill

Senate put in place “The Creation of Court Reform Bill” that can impeach the Student Government President and/or Vice President. The proposal would be checked by an impartial party of the Iowa State Student Government Supreme Court. Senate would first have to win the majority vote to impeach with the case then being passed onto the Supreme Court for review and final approval if the case were to ever come upon discussion.

2. Revised the Excellence Fund Criteria

Debate arose throughout the Senate regarding what the phrase “year to year” was inferring in the Excellence Fund. The following was added to the document: “[a] funding request from [the Excellence Fund] account must be for a new request or for a request that demonstrates a sufficient level of innovation to set it apart from any other previously granted request made from this account.” The statement clears up confusion for the future Senators and organizations looking for extra funding.

 3. Said Hello and Goodbye to an Adviser

Alex Krumm was welcomed to Iowa State as the new Student Government Adviser. Although a few months into the job, Krumm took down a post from his Instagram page that showed his face painted black. The photo was posted on March 29, 2015, with the caption “#throwbacksunday? Mime at Wartburg in 2008? I think was ‘08 anyway…” Krumm then stopped attending Student Government meetings and is no longer listed on the online Student Government Directory. 

4. Addressed Discrimination on Campus

Iowa State’s campus has had multiple discrimination based issues throughout the semester that concerned many Student Government representatives. A bill was created to address incidents like the Neo-Nazi chalkings, the defacement of Bean House in Geoffroy Hall with a racial slur and an Instagram picture surfacing of Student Government Adviser Alex Krumm with his face painted black. The bill recommended that the university issues communication with the status of investigations in a timely manner, limits chalking on campus, a policy that disallows messages that violate the University’s Code of Conduct, along with other suggestions. 

5. Funded “Sustainable Outside Lights Are Rad (SOLAR) Act” 

The bill will be looking to lessen the carbon footprint the university creates by installing solar pathway lights. The project is projected to cost Student Government $17,950 for the three lights, which will include the panels, the light poles and the installation. The lights are scheduled to be installed in the summer.

6. Approved 2020 election seats 

Student Government approved the 2020 election apportionments to have 36 senate seats for next year. The general election date for the senate, including the President and Vice President will take place on Tuesday, March 3rd to Wednesday, March 4th VIA 

7. Funded Iowa State’s Dance Marathon 

Dance Marathon is an event held annually to help raise money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Dance Marathon accumulated $30,000 from Annual Allocations but also received an additional $13,100 from Student Government to fund activities during the fundraiser that will take place on January 25th. 

8. Set in Place an STD Testing Project

Student Government also funded the “Get Yourself Tested Program,” an STD testing project. The program offers free tests to students throughout Oct., Nov., Feb., March and April. Student Government funded 400 tests at the expense of $22,000. Students interested in partaking in this program can call the Thielen Student Health Center and Student Wellness and mention the “Get Yourself Tested Program” to make an appointment.

9. Funded Internal Matters

Throughout the semester Student Government funds a variety of organizations, clubs and events, but also looks to fund themselves as well. Finance Director Madison Mueller and Speaker Kelsey Culbertson were granted new laptops for themselves at the cost of $2,398 allotted from the Special Projects account. Senate also approved funding for a wall being painted for their office at the price of $300, office supplies for $1,000 and a new tablecloth for the price of $316.23 all coming from the Special Projects account. Student Government also added a second technician for the rest of the year for $2,592 also being funded by the Special Projects account.

For more information or to contact your senator, visit The senate meetings are open to the public at 7 p.m. Wednesdays in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.