Now trending: The kettlebell


Tiffany Herring/Iowa State Daily

Kettle bells can be used for a variety of workouts as a substitute for dumbbells and medicine balls. 

Brittany Moon

Some may have heard of an up-and-coming workout trend called the kettlebell. If that name has not crossed your mind or computer screen, fear not.

The kettlebell has generally always been used as a strength and endurance tool, but its exact origin is still up for speculation. Archaeological records show evidence of its use in Ancient Greece, according to Russia is another location in which we have seen the kettlebell pop up in history.

Workout professionals have used kettlebells for quite some time now, but they made their first peak debut to the mass public when “The Biggest Loser” began to take off. Since that time, they have made many more appearances in local gyms and fitness centers.

The biggest benefit that the kettlebell has to offer is the sheer amount of muscles it works in such a short time. Although it is lifted by hand and works the arms to a degree, it also engages the legs, buttocks, and abdominal muscles as well. It is a great way to engage a wide variety of muscles with few movements.

In modern western culture, the kettlebell has been referenced to be a very versatile and effective form of working out. states, “Kettlebells provide a versatile form of resistance exercise involving iron weights equipped with rounded handles for easy manipulation by the exerciser. When lifting and swinging kettlebells, you strengthen all the muscles of the body.”

In short, they can be extremely effective and utilized almost anywhere, with the proper amount of space. This makes them the ideal option for a college student who might not have time to run to the gym and would rather work out in their living space.

One thing to keep in mind at all times when handling and utilizing the kettlebell is form and lifting with your legs. When completing workouts, always remember to keep your back straight. If possible have a workout buddy monitoring your stance and posture. This is incredibly important so one does not pull a muscle in their back or break anything.

While it has been compared to running, it has not yet been proven that utilizing a kettlebell has more benefits, health or fitness wise. Both are extremely effective for slimming down and toning all aspects of ones body. Purchasing a relatively cheap kettlebell on or other online retailers is an easy way to jump start that spring break body.