PHOTOS: Food trucks on campus

The Burgies truck is a mobile coffee lab extension of the two cafés located in Ames, owned by Steve and Anne Burgason. Located on Bissell Road, the truck sells coffee, tea and various pastries in the morning.Jordan Burgason, son of Anne and Steve, has known coffee all of his life. Founded about 22 years ago, Jordan said that the company roasts four times a week, which allows the company to focus on seasonal flavors.Going to school in Nashville, Jordan noticed the heavy amount of food trucks in the city and on campus, and suggested the idea to his family.The vision finally took full form when the Burgason’s found two old piano trucks from 1958. One is up and running while the other stays stationary in the Burgason’s backyard.When asked what his favorite coffee drink is, Jordan enjoys coffees from Ethopia that are brewed via the Chemex, which is a pour-over system.