15 Things to be happy about at Iowa State

Carlie Howard

As the weather is getting colder and drearier, most students just want this semester to end. However, Iowa State’s campus is always full of unique things to be happy and excited about!

1. Changing on Seasons

-Iowa State’s campus uniquely experiences all four seasons. As the trees

finish turning remember to appreciate the beauty and the seasons that are

changing on campus.

2. Smoothies

– The MU Market & Café and Froots at State Gym have various delicious

smoothie options to help people power through the day or have a healthy


3. Ways to get involved

-Iowa State University has over 800 diverse clubs to get involved in.

Getting involved on campus is an excellent way to build a resume, meet

friends or just have a fun study break! Below is a website with a list of different clubs with more information!

4. The Campanile

– Constructed in 1897 in memorial to Margaret MacDonald Stanton,

Iowa State’s first dean of women, The Campanile is widely seen as a

symbol of the University. It also holds a unique tradition that one is not

truly an Iowa Stater until kissed at the stroke of midnight under the


5. Lake LaVerne

– Landscaped in 1916, Lake LaVerne was a gift from LaVerne Noyes

and other Iowa State Alumni. Another Iowa State tradition is if a

couple walks in silence around the lake together they are destined to

be together.

6. Over 160 Buildings

– Iowa State University has over 160 buildings historic, modern and

newly renovated buildings on campus for students and faulty to use

and enjoy.

7. 490 Acres of main campus

– The University has over 490 Acres filled with various types of trees,

green space and walking paths. Enjoy walking to class!

8. Marston Water Tower

– The tower was the first steel water tower west of the Mississippi river. It

was built in 1895 after a water shortage however is not used today.

However, it is on the Nation Register of Historic Places.

9. Hilton Magic

– While playing in Hilton Coliseum, “Hilton Magic” is the belief that the

team can produce unforeseen victories. The atmosphere during games is

truly enthusiastic and exciting.

10. Tailing gating

– Cyclone fans tailing together on game day brings the Iowa State

community together. It is a fun way to show support for the University and

the team.

11. Reiman Gardens

– Reiman Gardens a public garden owned by Iowa State. It is 17 acres

and located just south of Jack Trice Stadium.

12. Coffee on campus

– There are 12 cafes conveniently located on campus for anyone to


13. Work out classes

– Iowa State University offers group fitness classes, personal training,

small group training, wellness services as well as a smart eats

program to help students health and fitness. There is a link for more

information http://www.recservices.iastate.edu/fitness/

14. Cyride

– With a student ID the Cyride goes nearly everywhere in Ames for free.

Additionally, it is a quick way to get to class and convenient on cold

or rainy days.

15. The people you encounter

– The university is filled with outstanding faulty and students who can truly

make an experience at Iowa State memorable.

In conclusion remember to stay positive for the last bit of the semester. Enjoy the moment and remember everything there is to be happy about at Iowa State.