The Hot Sardines come to Stephens Auditorium

Riveting saxophone solos, bouncing piano, foot-tapping percussion, clarinet, trumpet, and violin, smooth vocals, and tap dancing – The Hot Sardines have it all, and they are coming to Stephens Auditorium Oct. 18.

Their 1920s big band, French-influenced, and modern take on the art of jazz music has audiences from all different cultures, ages and musical preferences itching to get up out of their seats, singing, and dancing along.

Born in Paris, Miz Elizabeth had always wanted to perform jazz music, and when she met New York City native and actor, Evan “Bibs” Palazzo, The Hot Sardines was born. Soon, Jason Prover, Alex Raderman, Nick Myers, Joe McDonough, Evan Crane, and tap-dancer Edwin “Fast Eddy” Francisco joined the dynamic team, and this jazz performance powerhouse has been delighting sold-out audiences ever since. Don’t miss it!!