Welcome home the gym with online workouts

Riley Dunbar

Distance, lack of time and intimidation are all reasons students have for skipping the gym. Luckily, skipping the gym does not have to mean skipping a good workout.

At-home workouts have come a long way since their VHS predecessors, featuring instructors wearing spandex and sweatbands. Many fitness companies and trainers are using the Internet to reach a larger audience while staying personal.

Online workouts tend to be shorter than full-gym visits but still pack the same punch. Discovering a favorite fitness source can result in one-stop shopping for fitness and nutrition.

Online-based fitness sources generally have a website with all of their content. Some sources even have a YouTube channel, so users can easily access their videos. Many are also active on social media and motivate their followers.

Below is a list of online fitness sources to try out. Some of the sources have a cost or require more equipment than others. All of them are active on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Blogilates by Cassey Ho

Website: blogilates.com

Blogilates is based on POP Pilates, a contemporary version of Pilates, and was created by Ho. Each month features a free workout calendar that users can follow. Ho also has a YouTube channel that is home to all of her videos, including the popular five-minute targeted workouts. The website has full eating plans and individual recipes.

Kayla Itsines

Website: kaylaitsines.com

Kayla Istines is a 12-week, bikini-body full workout plan that can also be bundled with a meal plan. The workout plan starts at a lower intensity level and works up to higher, more intense levels. The plan costs about $50 with the option of a free week trial. A 13-24 week plan is also available for people who want to continue once they’ve finished the first 12 weeks. 

PopSugar Fitness

Website: popsugar.com/fitness

PopSugar Fitness is the least structured of the four fitness sources. The site has many workouts to choose from, allowing users to form their own workout plan. It also has many healthy recipes and different fitness challenges. FitFinder allows users to find the perfect workout using fitness level, type of workout, equipment and available time.

Tone It Up by Karena and Katrina

Website: toneitup.com

Tone It Up is another bikini-focused plan that is run by two trainer friends Karena and Katrina. The site has free videos and focused programs that are for sale, including a nutrition plan and bikini-body plan.

An online fitness program that is suitable for a living room or bedroom could be the perfect solution for students trying to avoid the chaos of gyms.